Collegiate In-Site



Think of an apple; a Tootsie Roll lollipop; a Twinkie; a cherry cordial. Each has something at its core. There is something distinctive and central to its identity found at the core of each.

When you remove the buildings, the libraries, athletics and extracurricular, the protective layers of administrative and faculty – you find something equally as distinctive and precious at the very center of everything a University strives to do and be – its students.

  • We believe our work is about inspiring and challenging colleges and universities to remember how valuable and worthwhile it is to keep students at the core of everything they do.
  • We believe that being student centered is what you say and what you do.
  • We believe that student-centered is a philosophy just as much as it is day-to-day operations.
  • We believe being student-centered is a campus culture. But, most importantly, being student-centered is a commitment.

We live this commitment and invite you to join us.