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HOW the process works

HOW the process works

How would you want to be treated? What experience might you want for your own son or daughter? When you invest in your future with a large debt looming as a result, what do you think you should expect?

Students want the experience they were promised in the college view book and the warmth and welcome they felt at the campus visit.

So, how does the caring collegiate administrator stay informed and aware of what students are actually experiencing?

Step 1: Assess

Conduct an institutional pre-assessment. We talk to your core team to understand the situation, the concerns and the desired outcomes. Then we design a process that will give us the information we need to help find the solution and strategies that best fit your situation.

Step 2: Evaluate

Build customized experience evaluations. This is what makes our work so different and so valuable. Our customized assessment tool measures anything from service to technology to surroundings using evaluators who look, think and act like students and other constituents. We go on campus, go online, make phone calls and interact in every way possible to get the full experience of doing business with your institution. It’s a perspective you won’t get anywhere else.

Step 3: Listen

Listen to what students want and employees think. Some of the best ideas and least expensive solutions can be found just by listening to what your students and employees value. We lead groups and individuals through an introspective, candid conversation about where you’re succeeding and where you’re not. At the end, we not only have a campus pulse, but also a prioritized list of realistic expectations and attainable ideas.

Step 4: Recommend

Put it all together. At the end of the process, you will receive a prioritized list of recommendations and strategies to implement in the short term, and the big picture strategies that can improve how you do business, bolster your team dynamic and enhance your culture.

Step 5: Revisit

Checking in. While others stop at the report stage, we suggest taking it another step by coming back to campus within 6 to 18 months to do follow-up experience evaluations and check progress. We want you to be able to measure your progress and growth.